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MESKA Solutions – Dedicated to Saving the Planet one gallon at a time.  We bring a unique market-based approach to biogas projects.  A market-maker, advisor, and capital source for environmental markets for over 15 years.

The Principle, Shannon choose to leave a 13-year career at JP Morgan in commodity trading in order to make a contribution to Agriculture.  Converting waste to energy is an exciting path that enhances the rural economy, provides farmers with additional revenue streams, and lowers GHG emissions. 

The company offers Consulting Services, Research, and development efforts in the Biogas space.  Offering our partners solutions for managing their waste streams by diverting organic waste and harvesting into sustainable energy solutions. 

Saving the planet while managing waste

Sustainable Energy
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Environmental benefits of an Anaerobic Digester

    Provides an Additional Source of Revenue to the Farmer
    Captures Methane Gas And Turns It Into Biogas (Clean Energy)
    Puts More Clean Energy On The Electric Grid By Selling It To Utilities and Transportation Sectors
    Cleans the Water So It Can Be Reused On Farms And For Food Processing
    Reduces Air Pollution and Organic Waste Odors
    Destroys Pathogens and Bacteria That Could Be Harmful To Human Health
    Reducing the Need for Fossil Fuel Based Fertilizers
    Protects Watersheds
    Assist in Complying With Local, State And Federal Environmental Regulations

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