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Wholesale Renewable Power & RNG

Updated: May 31, 2021

NG can be used in everything that already uses natural gas. Because this renewable energy is sourced from a variety of organic byproducts, it is generally considered carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative. Its use creates no additional carbon dioxide emissions, which would otherwise be flared at the source or, even worse, vented into the atmosphere. RNG is an integral part of the balanced portfolio of low-carbon technologies needed to realize a clean energy future!

It can serve as an immediate drop-in substitute, in whole or part, helping companies and utilities reduce their carbon footprint and transition to a sustainable, baseload source of clean power while maintaining existing equipment and processes.

Utilities, government entities, and Corporations across the nation have been incorporating RNG because the inclusion of RNG in gas supply portfolios can achieve aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals at a fraction of the cost of converting end-use appliances to renewable electricity.

Partners like these appreciate the significant environmental benefits that RNG provides.

MESKA Solutions acts as an efficient and unbiased broker for environmental and energy commodity markets. We assist participants in hedging against price exposure and minimizing the risks of volatility through the execution of trades either in the over-the-counter marketplace or directly on commodity exchanges. We excel in providing up-to-the-minute price discovery in an ever-changing market and assist in price negotiations. Then, we match buyer and seller at a mutually agreeable price and terms. Upon completion of the trade, the counterparties can complete the transaction bilaterally, or we can execute through an exchange.

Transaction Brokerage

· Commodity advisory: energy, capacity, gas, REC, RIN and LCFS

· Long-term, fixed-price offtake structuring (power and gas)

· Contract extensions and re-packaging

· Procurement and investment diligence

· Up to the minute price discovery in an ever-changing market.

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